Characteristics Of A Safe Community


Strong and loving families with high expectations for children’s behavior
  • provide effective social services
  • teach parenting skills
  • point to role models in the community
  • continue church involvement
  • foster outreach programs


Education that prepares students to act responsibly
  • publicize expectations and values, demand compliance
  • increase programs linking school with government, public safety, social services
  • teach life skills as a priority
  • increase discipline
  • encourage parent participation in goal and value setting, limit after-incident appeals that water down necessary corrective action


Safe, planned, accessible streets, public facilities, parking, shopping
  • create comprehensive plan
  • implement fairly
  • maximize public safety and community resources


Activities that are wholesome alternatives to crime and violence
  • outreach to young people
  • make activities attractive to teens
  • involve different facets of community, include role models


Stable, clean neighborhoods
  • involve landlords, property owners
  • encourage maintenance standards for low cost rental properties
  • provide donated municipal and civic services on a match basis
  • provide local funds for property improvement for low income homeowners


Small-town USA